Soli-Pizzeria IV

Wir laden ein zur 4. Soli-Pizzeria im SubstAnZ.

Am 17.03 um 18 Uhr sammeln wir Geld für Anarchist Black Cross Belarus. Es gibt Pizza aus dem Holzhofen, Getränke und Infomaterialien in netter Atmosphäre.

Since 2009 ABC Belarus has been supporting anarachists and anti-authoritarian activists repressed by the Belarusian dictatorship. ABC raises money to pay for lawyers, support the families of prisoners and much more. At the same time we are a political organization and support people whose actions do not contradict anarchist principles. We exist solely on donations and do not take money from grants or government funds. Not a single day in existence of the collective has passed without anarchists or antifascists being held in Belarusian prisons. Solidarity allows comrades to continue to resist repression even in the most difficult moments of life.