Travola [BEL] // Ancient Emblem [ESP]

Minenfeld mussten aus Krankheitsgründen leider absagen!

Put on your disco shoes, ’cause there’s a new band in town, pissed off and ready to thrash!

Ancient Emblem [ESP]
Ancient Emblem was born from the passion for gloomy and raw sounds of 4 individuals which were coming from different past projects (Sejtan, Destierro, Annunaki Revenge, Crickbat, Justice Department, etc.) but with many points in common such as a strong believe in DIY as the only way for working as a band, and an even stronger hate for any authoritarian attitude which tries to dominate others, being human or not. We believe in a veg(etari)an way of life and we stand against all kinds of domination and discrimination such as religion, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, racism, fascism or nazism. Maybe it sounds obvious for a kind of band like this, but sadly, strange times are running everywhere, even also in this community.

Doors: 17:00 Uhr
Begin: 18:00 Uhr
Entry: 5€

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