Travis Bickle Experience + DefektDefekt

30. März 2019 @ 20:00 – 31. März 2019 @ 01:00
Frankenstraße 25a

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Travis Bickle Experience

Garage/Punk/Rock Band from Düsseldorf/GER. TBE plays it straightforward no fuzz yet fuzzed. Influenced by New York 70ies Punk Rock as played at the legendary CBGB’s, there is always a good load of american rockers like MC5 and – you guess it – Stooges. Consisting of five – Vox, Git, Organ, Bass, Drums – TBE always puts it to the maximum.


is an U.K/D trio (guitar, bass, drums), featuring interchangeable vocal, guitar & bass duties. They have been accused of performing various styles of music including post punk, new wave and garage punk. The sound has been described as angular and minimalistic. Although the band has not attempted to emulate any specific style, it is evident there is quite a strong influence of British alternative music between 1979 – 1981. defektdefekt are ex/members of Gruppe 80, Cross Stitched Eyes, The Moorat Fingers, Messerknecht, The Cool Jerks, Chung, Shakin Nasties, M.OT.O, etc. ….never heard of any of them? Its really not important.

Doors: 20:00 Uhr
Entry: 5 Euro

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