03.10.: Ska Against Racism #10: Ashpipe [ITA] + Kapelle Vorwärts + Arrested Denial


Formed in 2007 in Volpedo (Italy), Ashpipe is a militant ska/punk ’n’ folk band with antifascist and antiracist roots.
After the debut album “Waiting for wave”, self-produced disc released in 2008 and reprinted for the German label Diffidati Records in November of 2009, in 2011 they released a new album called “Born Bad” for KobRecords Italia and MAD BUTCHER RECORDS.
Two singers, Italian and English lyrics, with a violin always on the limit and a fresh and powerful 7 elements line-up.
Ashpipe represent one of the most interesting bands of the new Italian punk rock scene and their sound represent a fucking mix of punk genres with influences from folk, reggae and ska music.
In these years they played across Italy, Germany,Switzerland, Croatia,Cezch Republic,Poland, ect sharing the stage with bands like: The Real McKenziesThe Oppressed s.h.a.r.p. attitudeLos Fastidios – officialpageTalco, The Offenders. ArgiesBluekilla, Loaded, Red Union, Statuto, Gang, PunkreasThe Dreadnoughts and more.

After a lot of concerts, always on the road, in 2013 they released an EP called “Too much focused about the current political and economical situation so let’s talk about ironic and thoughtful matters” (always for Kob Records/Mad Butcher) with 6 brand new songs which represent the mood of the band in that period.
Based on the need to keep on creating, communicating and expressing without restrictions the title’s choice itself is not casual at all.
Ashpipe released also a book about “La Volante”, an Italian partisan brigade that fought for freedom in their land. The song “La Volante” is included in “Born Bad” album with the collaboration of Marino Severini, leader of the Gang, the most Italian rock militant band.

Now they are presenting the new album called “Ancorati” (IndieBox Music), a very complete album representing the full maturity of the band. Lyrics and music are at high level and “Ancorati” is a great description of current political situation.
They conduct also a local program radio called
“La Ciurma” based on 360 degrees underground music.
No excuses, no compromises. Only Stay Free, Stay PiPes.


Streetpunk as usual, featuring members of This Belief, In Vino Veritas, Koukoulofori and DIE KLEINEN GÖTTER

Kapelle Vorwärts

Working Class Punk/Ska from Finland and Germany.

Doors: 20:00 Uhr
Start: 21:00 Uhr
Entry: 5 Euro

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